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Our Oil have been tested for the % of Thymoquinone  from an accredited Australian Institution from their:


Plant Science Analytical Research Laboratory.

We have concentrated on a much more important certificate, % of Tymoquinone, the key active ingredient in Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil).

Analysis report is very confusing for most of us we tried our best to simplify.

Our Oil Contains:

1.92% Weight Per Weight (W/W)  Tymoquinone.

19.20ml Of Tymoquinone Per 100ml of Oil.

960mg of Tymoquinone  in 1 Teaspoon of Oil. (Daily Dose Recommended)

Our 200ml Bottle Contains 38.4ml of Thymoquinone

Our 950ml Bottle Contains 182.4ml of Thymoquinone

Customers may request a copy of the Analysis after registering with us.

Due to risk of Fraudulent or manipulating activities with certificates , we are not able to post it on the website.

Tested By Accredited Institution 

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